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Tree Care Tips During Winter 

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Winter is here now. However, that is not an excuse to skip taking care of your trees. In fact, winter is the best time to maintain and take care of your trees. It is the ideal time to guarantee that your trees are in great condition as well, which leads to warmer seasons. Here is a helpful guide that you can use to keep your trees to have their optimal health especially during the winter season: 

Keep watering 

When it’s cold outside, it does not necessarily mean that you do not have to water your plants and trees. In other areas, winter is usually the dry period, and long seasons without enough water can kill your trees and even damage your root system. Though they may seem fine, a tree that has not had enough water during the winter season can be particularly be damaged as soon as the summer “wet” season emerges. If your trees are weak, they will most likely be prone to insect attacks and pathogens. For you to help keep up optimum tree health and regulate soil temperature, you should stick to a watering schedule on a regular basis. Water your trees and plants slowly. 

Utilize mulch 

Mulch is one of the greatest ways to improve the health of your plants and trees over your winter. Mulch can help keep warmth and moisture in the soil, adds a protective layer to help keep pests at bay, and regulates temperature. Moreover, mulch is every gardener’s best friend since it is relatively cheap, quick, and easy. However, ensure to properly apply it. Make sure not to overdo it and pile mulch up directly high around your tree trunk’s base as this can cause the tree to be suffocated and result in root rot. Put a 10 to 15 cm. mulch layer of almost 20 cm. from the trunk’s base. As much as you can, it’s always best to apply an organic mulch since the trees like it and it smells good.   

Secure prone plants and trees from extreme conditions 

If your tree types are specifically prone to extreme winds or cold conditions, you may have to give them a few sorts of security throughout winter. Conceal with a sheet o tarp directly to the ground to protect from strong winds and trap warmth in the soil. 

Have your trees pruned 

Winter is the perfect time to get your trees pruned. Based on what tree species you have, other tree types undergo a dormancy duration over the winter seasons, which makes it a perfect time to provide your trees a good pruning. Eliminating any diseased, damaged, or dead limbs or branches will help your trees to be well protected from disease and pests. Moreover, can enhance the structure of your tree and encourage growth as well. Although, it is crucial to carry out correct pruning techniques to secure the tree’s health. Incorrect methods will only pose your tree more prone to sickness, poor structural integrity, and pest invasion. 

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